Thick and full brow kit with free stencil and brush


  • Thick and full brow kit
  • Thick and full brow kit
  • Thick and full brow kit
  • Thick and full brow kit

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About the product:

Perfectly fit each person's skin, easy to draw eyebrow, eyeliner shaped, cat eye and smokey eye makeup
  • Waterproof, Sweatproof, Long lasting color
  • Stencil Pack is a travel-friendly set you can easily stash in any makeup bag. Use it every day to ensure accurate and balanced brows
  • Eye Stencil Template are cruelty free, flexible to shape over the contours of your eye and durable to withstand being tossed in your makeup case
  • It can be applied to home use and professional workers. Fit for all females who are beauty seekers

Product description:

Features: -Create the perfect brow color with four different powder shades. -Powders can be mixed together or used separately depending on how dark you want it. -Chapes and sets your eyebrows. -Create thicker and fuller eyebrows. -Sculpt and define your eyebrow for a finished look. -Waterproof Kit Contains: -4 clors eyeborow powders -3 stencils -1 brush applicater Hot to use? 1. Brush eyebrow hair, upwards with brush applicator. 2. Place stencil over eyebrow in desired area for application. 3. Select a color that matches your eyebrow hair. Mix colors if desired. 4. Holding stencil firmly, brush the powder into eyebrow hair to fill in the stencil space. 5. Remover stencil from eyebrow area for perfect eyebrows!